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Player Problems

There are some players who develop problems with their wrist, elbow, or shoulder. This can often be traced to the equipment they are using. We provide some general advice, but recommend that you seek expert advice.

Shoulder Pain

This almost always the result of using monofilament strings at a high tension. The solution is to use a lower tension and/or experiment with different strings.

Wrist Pain

The cause is usually a poor playing technique often resulting from using a light racquet. The answer should be fairly obvious.

Elbow Pain

This is usually called “Tennis Elbow” and the player develops pain from playing frequently. It is caused by shock, or vibration transmitted from the racquet. This can be caused by a stiff frame or the strings. There are several solutions, and expert advice is required combined with a little experimentation with equipment.

There are often solutions to these problems, some of which can be obtained from Racquet Technic. Please use the Contact Form to enquire about this service

Please note that there is a charge for this service, and an appointment will be required. It is often possible to make suggestions that in many cases resolves the problem.