Balance Notes

Place your racquet on the table as shown. Standing in front of the racquet, slowly move the racquet forwards.

There is a point where the racquet will begin to fall off the table. This is the balance point of the racquet.. Mark this point on the racquet.

Measure the distance from the end of the handle to this mark, and you have the of the balance point measurement.





Racquet Balance

There is a point along the length of a tennis racquet where it can be balanced on your finger or the edge of a table. This is called the Balance Point of the racquet.

The distance of this point is measured from the base of the handle. The Balance point is then compared to the midpoint of the racquet.

Example: A standard length racquet is 686 mm or 27 inches. An evenly balanced racquet would have a Balance Point of 343 mm or 13.5 inches.

Some racquets are evenly balanced as described in the example. Others are known as either Head-Heavy or Head-Light.

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