Racquet Frame Profile

This is the name given to the width of the frame. The measurement is normally in millimetres

The Frame Profile influences the stiffness and power of the racquet

The swing-speed of your stroke also influences the power.

A Pro-Player would normally use a racquet with a thinner Frame Profile

Frame Profiles Compared


18-21 mm

This would normally be the choice of advanced players. You would need a faster swing and good playing style to produce the correct shot.


22-25 mm

This is probably the most frequently selected. There is usually sufficient power generated with a medium speed swing. This should provide the best balance between power and control


26-30 mm

This type of racket should generate more power. It would be the choice of players with a slow swing-speed. You would also require good shots to control the extra power

What is the Frame Profile of your racquet?

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The-Racquet Opinion

You should use frame profile and string area to obtain the best combination of power and control.

A medium profile should be best for most players.

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