Racquet Weight

The weight of most tennis racquets is normally between 250 and 350 grams, but part of this range would not normally be used by the average player.

If a racquet is too light it can be a source of tennis elbow or shoulder problems, and the heavier racquets are not usually comfortable in use. This means the ideal range will be 275 to 340 grams.

There are effectively three practical ranges which are listed below.


There is often a relationship between a player’s body weight and their choice of racquet weight. A lighter person often prefers a lighter racquet.

There are always exceptions, and it is probably best to test different weights before making your final choice.

Racquet Guide Directory

The  Racquet

Group 1 - 275 to 300 grams

This will be the choice of many ladies and some men. They will prefer the comfort provided by a lighter racquet.

Group 2 - 301 to 325 grams

This will be the choice of many men and some ladies. The extra weight provides greater control and is often better for anyone who suffers from arm problems.

Group 3 - over 325 grams

Preferred by advanced players who have the experience to appreciate the extra control provided by this weight.

Note: You would usually need a longer and faster swing to obtain the benefits from this weight.