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Tennis Strings 2018

Further details for strings in the various price bands are shown on this page

Band A - Lower Cost

This group of strings provides good all round performance, without having any special features. They would obviously be the choice of players wanting an economical string. Typical price would be 4.00 to 8.00 plus the cost of stringing.

Band B - Medium Price

Strings in this group usually offer more comfort through a more complex type of construction. They would mainly consist of hundreds of individual strands which normally absorb shock much better. Typical price would be 9.00 to 16.00 plus the cost of stringing.

Band C - Performance Strings

If you want something special, you must be prepared to pay more for it. This applies to tennis strings as it does to many other products. Get the best and then you can concentrate on playing better. Typical price would be 21.00 to 30.00 plus the cost of stringing.

More about String Groups

We have a few more notes about String Groups Here

String Features

Here you will find a few notes about features that could help when selecting strings.

String Features

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