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Comfort Strings Intro

Anyone who suffers from Tennis Elbow or shoulder pain is probably using the wrong type of strings in their racquet. There can be other reasons, but one of the main reasons is shock, or vibration transmitted from the strings through the frame of the racquet to your arm..

String Features

A “Comfort String” normally has hundreds of individual strands and is usually described as multi-filament string. This type of construction helps to absorb the shock or vibration, before it is transmitted to your arm.


These strings generally have lower durability, but this should not usually create a problem for the target group of players. If you also want durability you should consider an alternative string.

Tension Loss

All strings lose tension when they are used. and some of the multi-filament strings lose too much and are unsuitable. This means you have to be careful when selecting a string.

Note - it is difficult for players to measure tension loss, and you will have to find this out from other sources.

Last amended: August 2017