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July 2017

String Brands

These few notes about string brands are intended to provide some basic background information.

You will probably have discovered that there are many tennis string brands available.This can make selection difficult

Every racquet company has their own brand of strings, and there are also independent brands.

Many brands are promoted through sponsorship of professional players

String Brand Notes

You may have a favourite string, but more likely you will need some advice. This will usually be obtained from the person stringing your racquet or other players.

The following brands have produced a good range of strings for many years, and are worth considering

LUXILON (for durable monofilament strings)

PRINCE (all string types)

TECNIFIBRE (mainly for comfortable strings)

WILSON (all string types)

There are also many other brands with good ranges of strings. Some are new, and others have been around for several years.