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Tecnifibre Premium Range

All Tecnifibre strings are designed with specific characteristics suitable for different players requirements. The premium range is probably best for performance combined with comfort.

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Tecnifibre Premium Strings

X-One Biphase
The top of the range string that is the closest that a synthetic string can be compared to natural gut. It has received many recommendations in independent tests. It is expensive which probably means that it will only be selected by a small number of players.

The string with power as you could probably guess from the name. It is claimed to have 12% more power than a standard string. As most players have no method of testing this, you will have to accept this claim as being true. There is also good comfort from the multi-filament construction.

The name is shared with the French express trains, It is designed to be an arm friendly string providing maximum shock absorbing properties with low vibration. This should make it a good choice for anyone who has elbow or shoulder problems.

XR 3
This has recently been added to the premium range of strings. It is designed for players who require power combined with control. This is achieved by combining three monofilament elements with the powerful Elastyl multifilament fibres.